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Krys Design + Manfacturing strive to help you make your ideas a reality. Most designers and entrepreneurs need a manufacturer to work with them on both design and development of their product. We have a good team of pattern makers, sewers, and technical advisors to help with this process. We also do small runs which we know is a hurdle for most emerging designers when producing their products. Background Principal and designer Kristin Haskins Simms decided that when she was pregnant with her first child, she needed to make her company more vertically integrated in order to produce in-house while maintaining quality control of her own line krysi. However, with all the machines and equipment that was acquired from a cut and sew factory that went out of business, along with the demand for small run/boutique manufacturers by emerging designers, she launched Krys Design + Manufacturing. Because Kristin is a designer turned manufacturer, she will make certain your product is EXACTLY the way you want it. Of course as a team member working with you, if there is a more cost efficient way to produce your product, you will definitely know. On-The-Job Training Not only is Made in the USA important to our economy, we need need skilled labor. At KD+M we have started an on-the job training program that is integrated with skilled labor. We have started training Veterans. For more information and read more, click on job training