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While originally getting her degree in graphic design, Kristin Haskins Simms, slowly grew sick of the digital world and yearned to make something more tangible and hands-on. This led her to begin silk-screening her own graphic design T-shirts. While her shirts sold, she still had remaining inventory. Seeing an opportunity, she transformed the T’s into stylish tops and shortly after launched her first Women’s wear line in 2001. Currently Kristin and her team, work out of the Lofts at Kendrick READ MORE

Transforming your design from a sketch to a sample can be incredibly exciting, but it can also be a challenging part of the process. This article will help you efficiently produce your first samples.Before you start sampling ensure you have your id Source: How to Produce Your First Sample: The 3 Key Steps | Maker’s Row Blog

You’ll spend countless hours working alongside your manufacturer. But like any relationships, you’ll have your ups and down.I had a disastrous experience with a local manufacturer after deciding to stop the constant commute between New York, where my first factory partner was based, and Philadelphia. Here’s what I learned… 1. Compare apples to apples: If you have unique pleats and folds in your designs, like I did with my Japanese-inspired ones, check to see whether or not the manufacturer has READ MORE

Made in the USA is important for our economy to create jobs, quality control for a start. We want to make certain that we do our part to ensure that to US is manufacturing again for export versus outsourcing and import. We are excited to be a part of the growing movement of designers who want to produce in the US and global increased interest in American Made products.

We got into business because of the demand from Emerging Designers in need of sample makers and small runs for their own needs. Emerging Designers do not have the same volume as a seasoned designer/established brand where they face more challenges in getting their production needs met. That is where KD+M comes in. We have had clients who know nothing about fashion business or all this is needed to understand their production needs. We are currently working with a children’s READ MORE